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In 1938 under the British Mandate for Palestine, Sir Charles Tegart built a fence along the Jordanian border as a response to the Arab uprising against British rule. The aim was to stop terrorism. The following documents and photographs from the National Archive record the policies and efforts of the last years of the British mandate. The opening letter of this series starts with the following line;

"Dear Watkinson, We are endeavoring to curb the activities of the wily Arab by the erection shortly of a formidable barbed wire fence into which will be incorporated a number of booby traps."

With funding from the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust the route of the partition fence built by the British in 1938 was re-traced. Working to document the imaginary geography and dividing line that the British drew between East and West, the work investigates an awkward past and it's impact on current western identity. sea panoramic-1.jpg